Package tracking


LLP “Access World Transport” has many years of experience in organizing worldwide import, export, and domestic cargo transportation, as well as transportation bypassing Kazakhstan:


  • Full range of services satisfying all needs and wishes;
  • Collection and delivery of goods to door practically anywhere in the world;
  • Assured access to capacity on domestic and international routes due to direct agency agreements with leading airlines;
  • Customs brokerage services, electronic customs declaration;
  • Provision of relevant information in respect of government requirements;
  • Tracking of cargo on the whole route;
  • 24/7 support.

We provide all kinds of services:

  • Airport -to-Airport;
  • Airport-to-Door;
  • Door-to-Airport;
  • Door-to-Door;

We carry all cargo categories:

  • General cargo;
  • Express shipment;
  • OBC (“On-Board Courier”);
  • Heavy and oversized cargo;
  • Dangerous cargo;
  • AOG (“Aircraft on Ground”);
  • Animals;
  • Perishable and frozen goods;
  • Valuables and vulnerable cargo;
  • Exhibition goods.

We provide additional services:

  • Customs clearance;
  • Bonded transit;
  • Distribution;
  • Warehousing;
  • Insurance;
  • Packaging;
  • Cargo handling operations;
  • Consolidated dispatch;
  • Consulting in the field of logistics and foreign economic activities.